About Clarity

For a founding president of an executive search and selection firm, possessing probing observation skills comes with the territory.

For more than four decades, Jude M. Werra, CMC has been a resource to talent-seeking executives, as well as to professionals managing their careers. Over the course of his career in executive selection, Jude has often noted how some people struggle with defining and articulating both how they ought to best manage their own careers, and/or how to select the best suited talent to lead their organizations. Jude's curiosity and observations exposed a pattern: More success follows leaders who have clarity about managing the process.

In 1994 Jude authored the first edition of Clarity, a quarterly print publication offering observations and perspectives related to career management as well as articles related to executive search and selection. With each published article, readers responded with feedback—citing their related experiences, their thoughts about the article, as well as with requests for additional insights.

While Clarity’s format has evolved from print to electronic, the articles remain as relevant today as they were when first authored. Within this blog you will find a range of topics, all focused on helping leaders find clarity in how they manage their careers and in selecting key talent for their organizations.