Executive Consulting

"No man ever steps into the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he's not the same man." –Heraclitus

Although it was penned around 500 BCE, this perspective reminds us today that there are times when it is wise to second guess what we believe from past experience. 

The Insights of a Problem-Solver and Perspective of an Objective Advisor
Perhaps you have a Board of Directors or Advisory Council guiding your team with broad strategic messages. You also most likely have colleagues, friends and family supporting your best interests as well. Yet, there are instances when you and your organization can benefit from the insights of a confidential and professional voice, bringing objective questions and sparking clarity to your decision-making process.

Jude Werra leverages the breadth and depth of diverse experience and well-honed assessment skills to help executives identify risks, clarify challenges and pursue opportunities that may be overlooked by insiders.

The Acumen of an Experienced Executive 
Throughout his career, Jude has dealt with a broad array of talent management issues, with his skills well-grounded in executive selection and board member search and selection processes. This diversity extends to Jude M. Werra & Associates’ client base as well, which has included: closely-held, owner-managed, Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP), private equity-funded firms, as well as business units of major U.S. publicly traded and global companies and an array of non-profit organizations.

Executive Consulting
While the firm no longer conducts executive search and selection engagements, Jude is available for one-on-one advisory and screening consulting. He can be reached using the contact box in the right-hand column of this page.