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”Whether you are managing your career or searching for an executive leader, there is a common denominator. Both require the ability to clearly visualize that you are in control of how you manage the process.”   Jude Werra

Choosing Your Future: Managing Your Career

A Brief Discussion of Time
A Few Questions for Control Seekers
Avoid Language Positioning Your Past as Target Practice
Do You Manage Your Career with Lines or Chains?
Don't Catch the "Wishing Syndrome" 
Follow the Fall Line
It's Time for "Networking" to go the way of "Paradigm"
Leaders Choose Their Futures
Please Don't Blame the Pitcher 
The Curse of the Competent
The Road to a Friend's House is Never Long
Unconventional Advice for Career Managers
Walking Your Career Tightrope
What's Your Line?
Where is Your True North?

Choosing Leaders: Managing Executive Selection

A Lesson on Hiring From a Samurai Warrior
A Good Reason Not to Hire Relatives
Be Irrational When Selecting Leaders
Can Candor Predict Interview and Job Success?
Digging for Meaning in Job Candidate Responses
Do You Suffer From Executive Selection Hypertension? 
Election and Selection: What a Difference the "S" Makes
Hiring the "Least Worst" Limits Future Results
Involving Multiple Interviewers in Employee Selection 
Look For Leaders Who Crave Uncertainty
New Year, New Friends
Search Beyond the Electric Fence 
Tis the Season to Spring Forward
What is a "Pilot Hole" Hire?
Why do Some Great Hires End Up in Great Mistakes?